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Informational Series: Cold Weather Finishing

We at Wood Finisher’s Source thought a mid-winter reminder would be in order with the arctic blast that has hit the United States. The finishing universe has its annual endurance trek to brave the elements, cope with the temperature fluctuations, and to master the winter use of finishing products in order to complete jobs on time. There are many winter-related setbacks finishers come across, so we’ve gathered a few pointers from Mohawk on using items affected by winter.

Wood Finisher's Source cold weather photoWater based products have to be stored and used in an environment over 32 degrees Fahrenheit, with optimum temperature 50+ degrees. The vinyl systems are more sensitive in terms of application when the temperatures fall below 45 degrees. . Vinyl solutions tend to fall out of line when the temperature drops below 45 degrees; the spray will produce gummy, white, clumps. The vinyl can be stirred back into solution if the separation is minimal. The best procedure is warm the vinyl product to room temperature (greater than 45 degrees), stir the product until product even, strain the material, and stir before use. The preventative of course is to store properly in temperature controlled area. This procedure will prevent the resin build-up and provide even flow and coverage. This applies to all vinyl products including vinyl sealers.

Remember, most of these winter issues can be circumvented by storing and using the materials in climate controlled areas. The placing of products on wooden pallets instead of cold concrete floors can help raise the temperature a few degrees. In the winter, always strain material before use; anything is prone to clumping if it is cold. Colder climates typically increase viscosity of solvent based coatings, which results in a need for more reducing than in warmer climates. Always thin products with their designated reducers.

Mohawk recommends the following wintertime precautions for all coatings:
Store products, especially vinyl products, in as warm of an environment as possible.
Do not store or stack products directly on a concrete floor, instead, use a wooden pallet.
Allow coatings to warm to room temperature before use or agitation.
Strain or filter at every opportunity.
Have the wood products at or near room temperature prior to application.

These are some of the basic reminders of things to expect when finishing in cold weather.


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