• Newsletter Volume One Issue Eight

Informational Series: Touch Up and Veneering at Home

 Today we’re putting Mohawk Finishing under the spotlight. Specifically, we’re going to look at aerosol toner touch up ideas. It’s a fact of life that at some point or another you’re going to scratch, scrape, drop, ding, or spill something on your fine furniture. Whatever the case, with these quick tips a touch up job that’s slightly larger than one handled by the Pro Mark II Touch Up Markers remains unimposing. As with any refinishing work, ensure that the surface of the furniture is completely clean and test on an inconspicuous spot prior to application. To create your pallet, spray a small amount (enough to dip a fine hair brush) into the cap of the aerosol. Dip the brush into the toner and remove the excess on the edge of the cap. Gently brush the toner in the same direction as the wood grain. You may need a few coats in order to build the finish of the affected area to match the existing finish. Allow 20-30 minutes of drying time between each coat. Lightly sand with a high grit sandpaper between coats as needed, on smaller touch up jobs sanding most likely won’t be necessary. If the finish has a high sheen top coat you can go back a few hours later and use this same process with an M102 Mohawk Finisher’s Choice Sealer.


Veneering at Home

In the modern world of furniture veneer is typically associated with one of two things. A way to make a cheaper cut of wood appear more ornate, and a way to make complex artistic patterns and geometric shapes such as the ones that commonly appear in Art Deco furniture. We often forget that there are instances where a good piece of furniture can be veneered to make a better piece of furniture. Veneering isn’t a bad thing and doesn’t always signify that the piece beneath is composed of tightly compressed sawdust. Pieces without any grain showing or with an unsightly grain pattern can be given new life with a sheet of quality veneer. Quality veneer can be expensive though, so it’s important to ensure you know how to properly apply it the first time. As always, there are many different methods, so we’ll cover it in installments.
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When purchasing veneer you’ll see you have many options. Compare the grain pattern to how the sheet will be cut to ensure consistency. The last thing you want is the grain to make it obvious the piece is veneered. Purchase delicate raw-backed cuts like Burl with room for about 15% waste. The wood’s delicacy causes cracks and chips around the edges. It’s necessary to apply a backing veneer (veneer to the opposite side) to alleviate stress and help with adhesion. A cheaper cut such as 2-ply or paperback veneer is typically used for backing, as it’s the most cost effective route. The basic tools necessary to apply veneer are: urea powdered resin OR PVA glue, (pre catalyzed or the powder with the catalyst), cauls for your clamps (homemade are fine, these protect the piece from the teeth of the clamp by distributing the pressure), enough clamps to space every 3″ to 6″ depending on how wide your cauls are, as well as a work table and an adequate workspace. We’ll cover the vacuum bag method and ironing method in later newsletters as well as the materials needed. Once you’ve acquired the necessary materials it’s time to plan the job. The best way to complete any woodworking job is to know where the end is before you start. Predetermine which direction the grain is going on the piece. If you’re going to do anything artistic with the veneer measure your cuts and arrange the pattern before application. In the next edition we’ll cover veneer application and the simple way to make your own homemade cauls for your clamps.


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