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Newsletter Volume One Issue Eight

Informational Series: Touch Up and Veneering at Home  Today we’re putting Mohawk Finishing under the spotlight. Specifically, we’re going to look at aerosol toner touch up ideas. It’s a fact of life that at some point or another you’re going to scratch, scrape, drop, ding, or spill something on your fine furniture. Whatever the case, with […]

Newsletter Volume One Issue Seven

Informational Series: All About Abrasives As you may already know, sandpaper has many different uses depending on grit, material, and overall design. A few examples include a woodworker sanding a planed cut of wood to remove any inconsistencies or machine marks, and a finisher sanding between layers of a finish for adhesion, consistency, and depth. […]

Newsletter Volume One Issue Six

Informational Series: Customizing a Finish Part 2   Applying Lacquers and Stains  In the previous newsletter we described a method which (with a little practice) can produce impressive custom finishes. Once you’ve reached your desired tone and prepped the surface area of the wood as we mentioned in part one of this series, it’s time […]

Newsletter Volume One Issue Five

Informational Series: Customizing a Finish Part 1   Coloring and Tinting Lacquer Using Dye Stains Applying dye stains is often viewed as an intimidating task, especially if you read too far into the chemistry side of it. It isn’t something everyone successfully accomplishes the first time around (especially tinting lacquer, as real world experience with […]

Newsletter Volume One Issue Four

Removing a Finish The first step in most refinishing jobs is to start over. Once a finish is extensively damaged, any additions to the finish will dry unsightly and likely peel. There are many different ways to remove a finish, so we’ll discuss a few different techniques. If the finish is old and soft, there’s […]

Newsletter Volume One Issue Three

Identifying Leather Types Sometimes working with leather can be an intimidating task especially if you are unable to identify the different types. All consumer leather products (except raw leather of course) have a finish and it is important to know the industry terminology, especially when ordering directly from manufacturers.   The industry categories include Aniline […]

Newsletter Volume One Issue Two

Informational Series: Choosing a Finish One of the first assessments we make here at our on site shop at Wood Finisher’s Source decides which type of finish we’re going to apply. Many people outside of the refinishing world are unaware of their finish options since it’s not something you really think about every day. Each […]

Newsletter Volume One Issue One

Informational Series: Cold Weather Finishing We at Wood Finisher’s Source thought a mid-winter reminder would be in order with the arctic blast that has hit the United States. The finishing universe has its annual endurance trek to brave the elements, cope with the temperature fluctuations, and to master the winter use of finishing products in […]